Pet Accessories

Get personalized accessories for your dog, cat or any pet!"

We make pet leash grips, food mats, and toys out of pet safe TPE.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Handles, Clips, Pump Housings & more

We make medical non-invasive products like handles, clips, pump housings and more.

Automotive Components

Inquire about our automotive capabilities today!

We have experience in glass-filled polymers for engine compartments, body components, pumps, fluids, and battery components.

Electronic Components

Inquire about electrical housings and cases!

We make ABS, Polycarbonate, HDPE and other covers for printed circuit boards and functional electronic products like Drones.

Sporting GoodS

Inquire about fitness and exercise equipment!

We make handles and grips and other accessories for fitness equipment sold in the United States.

We make gun accessories like magazine bodies, trigger guards, pistol grips, and other miscellaneous add on components.

Cost, Quality, and Delivery, Pick all Three!

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